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Long Term Use* Implies a relaxed pleasurable once-a-day routine for approximately one-half hour. No undesirable or obsessive exercise procedures are required. Typically, a normal daily routine with (or without) a partner will provide a natural permanent increase in foreskin length. An extensive increase in foreskin (up to an inch or more) may develop naturally over an extended period of two to three years.


Our Pump-N-Gro Erection Enhancing Evacuator ...

  • Manages many ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED) symptoms
  • Offsets negative ERECTILE side effects of some prescriptions
  • Creates a vacuum with normal Insertion-Removal movement
  • Holds its contained vacuum until YOU RELEASE IT
  • Enhances normal sexual foreplay with your partner
  • Provides longer lasting intensely pleasurable erections
  • Produces a thicker more massive male erection
  • Increases long-term male sexual drive and desire, and
  • Permanently lengthens male foreskin with *Long Term Use*