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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Using an Evacuator Pump Over Other Types of ED Corrective Therapies?

The PUMP-N-GRO looks great ! But all other pump evacuators marketed today appear so cumbersome and complicated to use - How does this no-nonsense Patented ultra-simple design accomplish its task? 

​The Secret’s in the design of the top. The United States PATENT #8690754 concept is extremely simple and easy to use. Small Insertion-Removal forces applied to the outside of the 2BVAC — automatically generate a powerful internal vacuum within the device. Once a vacuum is inside the 2BVAC – It’s maintained with no further action on your part. The vacuum, along with just a little additional 2BVAC motion, however, can provide an intense pleasurable erection. Any contained vacuum can be instantly released if desired - with a single finger.

Can the PUMP-N-GRO be used without Lubrication? 

Not really, we recommend using liberal amounts of high quality sex oils, lotions or creams at all times. Lubrication helps prevent chaffing and/or any discomfort. YOU SHOULD NEVER EXPERIENCE ANY DISCOMFORT during or after use. If you do – STOP USE IMMEDIATELY – you may not be using it right.

​How Long Can the PUMP-N-GRO Remain in Place?

A routine which extends NO more than one-half hour, each time it’s used, is recommended.

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