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The PUMP-N-GRO appears to have a powerful pull – How do I take it off once it’s on? 

NEVER TRY REMOVING THE PUMP-N-GRO WITHOUT FIRST RELEASING THE CONTAINED VACUUM – YOU COULD HARM YOURSELF. When a vacuum is in place - the holding force could be as high as 50 lbs of pull. Without pulling on the 2BVAC the force WILL BE VERY LOW – but as soon as you try to extract yourself the reactive force increases rapidly - if there is a vacuum inside. ALWAYS RELEASE ANY CONTAINED VACUUM BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE PUMP-N-GRO.

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Can I have Normal Intercourse after self preparation with the PUMP-N-GRO?

​Yes, and be aware that your PUMP-N-GRO enhancement preparation is easily combined with intimate partner foreplay. Within a few minutes of using your PUMP-N-GRO you’ll be ready for NORMAL INTERCOURSE WITHOUT IT. This is the reason Tractal Devices LLC makes the PUMP-N-GRO. To provide normal long lasting erections so sex partners can sustain their natural intimate activity.

Can the PUMP-N-GRO be worn during full penetration intercourse with my partner? 

NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our male enhancement pump evacuator is NOT INTENDED TO BE WORN - NOR SHOULD IT EVER BE WORN - while you’re sexually penetrating your partner. You could harm your partner and/or yourself.

Can Constrictor Rings be used along with the PUMP-N-GRO? 

Although these rings may not be needed, some men like to put them on just as they remove the 2BVAC. It’s simple to do – since the ring can be put on the outside of the 2BVAC base until you want to slip it off onto your penis. A restrictor ring can extend the time you will have with your newly attained erection.