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Many men are able to take prescription medicine which reduces the symptoms of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. These drugs help provide high blood flow and pressure within the penis – permitting normal sex activity. However, for some men, prescriptions used to treat ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION are ineffective. No one knows why these pills don't work, but they do not.

If you've been unsuccessful with pharmaceuticals - you need to evaluate our NEW alternative - the Pump-N-Gro. 


Our Pump-N-Gro Has New Unique Features. So unique it's PATENTED by the U.S. Government Patent Office - So you can be assured - It Works. For Technical Details Refer to US PATENT 9314396.

The Pump-N-Gro vacuum design wonder is built to counteract many ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION symptoms. This advanced male enhancement device is manufactured only in the United States. It is molded entirely from a unique clear MEDICAL GRADE polymer. The PATENTED Pump-N-Gro is now available at

If you're reading this and you have a concern about the symptoms of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, you owe it to yourself to review this whole site. The information we provide will help you decide if the Pump-N-Gro vacuum system is right solution for your needs.

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Why Use Our U.S. Patented Product?

If you have ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION - it can be disheartening. Any reduction in sexual performance may cause you to avoid sex altogether. Are you avoiding intimate situations? Relax!!! You can restore your confidence, with the help of our Pump-N-Gro VACUUM PUMP.

When vessels in a man’s penis get excited - blood flow to and from the penis is highly altered. These flow changes provide just what's needed for sex - a stiff penis. Some men have conditions that reduce stiffening. Even common pharmaceuticals taken to correct high levels of blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and/or diabetes can upset blood flow to your penis.